Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia was fun. It was a high school trip. I lost all the pictures from Malaysia but I remember that pungent smell of something; I guess Seesha or some peanut sauce from Patio restaurants. We went to a beach but I was in an uncomfortable position to have fun. I wanted to have fun but


I don’t know if I can put Pakistan in my travelled list of countries but yeah, I’ve been there. I was there in 2016 to participate in South Asian Junior Table Tennis Championships. I was there for about a week but getting there and getting out of there took longer. That’s the interesting part about


Nepal’s divine nature is something worthwhile. I love to see how Nepal has evolved. A couple of years back, I felt monotonous in the capital. However, the fanciest of things are operating in Nepal and the customer service is great. Humble people, budget travel, luxury travel if you would, and many more. I’ve been to

Puerto Rico!!!

Got a chance to spend a week in Puerto Rico during the Spring Break. I went there with 2 of my friends. I smelled more freedom in Puerto Rico. Life’s pretty chill over there. We travelled the good places during the day and partied all night and repeated for a week. We were exhausted when

Asia/Europe in Turkey..

Turkey was such a great experience. I was there for a short period of time but it was memorable and worth it. I had a travel agent pick me at the airport and I had a whole Mercedes sprinter van for myself and that was pretty cool. One thing I regret about that trip is


Fall 2017: Started college at Mississippi College. Almost 4 years in America was a helluva ride. Ups and downs and a lot of learning. I played and mentored for the table tennis team and being a college athlete in the United States was pretty cool. I traveled around the states and was able to touch


Bali is THE BEST PLACE I have ever been in my entire life. Bali is the only place in Indonesia I have been to. Travelled pretty good around Bali. Ubud, Seminyak, Kuta, and many other places never failed to surprise me. I was excited every morning to go and touch that pristine marine water. Dude,


I never imagined Dubai being one of my favorite countries in the world. Man, that lavish lifestyle. I only stayed there for 3 days. However, I got to see many major places in Dubai. I couldn’t make it to Abu Dhabi but still, Dubai was lit. Those camels, cars, that hot desert sand, and a

Go Tos

I love to think and sometimes write. I play guitar sometimes when I feel like and I ain’t no pro. I don’t like to watch movies and some people call me boring for that. I like to explore food. I am down to travel at any time of the year. I’d drive a couple of