Starter Baby!

Starter Baby!

Loved the starters before meals while I was in Turkey. Those felt like a whole entree. I was feeling a little hot up there in the sky and the starters helped me cool down a bit. The dim red lights added value to the meal. I loved the ambience as well. I actually put my

Lamb in Turkish Airlines

I had this meal for dinner 40 minutes after take-off from Istanbul. I was heading to Nepal. As renowned Turkish Airlines’ Business Class is, their service and food were as great. The lamb in the picture was juice and tasted like 80% lamb 20% fat. Some of the fat tasted like butter and it gave

Nepal: Hotel Ambassador

The breakfast was pretty decent. What was great is the view from the 9th floor. Felt like I am way above the air pollution in the city. Nevertheless, hot air rises up haha.