I like to do a lot!

I like to do a lot!

I don’t like staying still and not doing anything. I love to lift weights. I go on a long drive every once in a while. I’ve started watching some Netflix but I am not into movies. I probably have watched 5, maybe 10 movies ever. I love drinking Iced Americano.

Nepal Airlines

One of my fav things to do: travel business class. This thing is addictive! Once you go biz class, you never go back haha. Recently, I flew from Kathmandu to Tokyo with Nepal Airlines. Was my first time flying Nepal Airlines. It wasn’t as pleasant as business class is, but honestly, was pretty decent; especially


I don’t know where to start with my fitness journey but here, I will definitely try to express what I went thru the process and what helped me get my ass up every day. (P.S: I used to carry a LOT of unnecessary fat in my body. I decided to change back in 2017.)