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Bali is THE BEST PLACE I have ever been in my entire life. Bali is the only place in Indonesia I have been to. Travelled pretty good around Bali. Ubud, Seminyak, Kuta, and many other places never failed to surprise me. I was excited every morning to go and touch that pristine marine water. Dude,


I never imagined Dubai being one of my favorite countries in the world. Man, that lavish lifestyle. I only stayed there for 3 days. However, I got to see many major places in Dubai. I couldn’t make it to Abu Dhabi but still, Dubai was lit. Those camels, cars, that hot desert sand, and a

Nepal Airlines

One of my fav things to do: travel business class. This thing is addictive! Once you go biz class, you never go back haha. Recently, I flew from Kathmandu to Tokyo with Nepal Airlines. Was my first time flying Nepal Airlines. It wasn’t as pleasant as business class is, but honestly, was pretty decent; especially

Nepal: Hotel Ambassador

The breakfast was pretty decent. What was great is the view from the 9th floor. Felt like I am way above the air pollution in the city. Nevertheless, hot air rises up haha.

Go Tos

I love to think and sometimes write. I play guitar sometimes when I feel like and I ain’t no pro. I don’t like to watch movies and some people call me boring for that. I like to explore food. I am down to travel at any time of the year. I’d drive a couple of


I don’t know where to start with my fitness journey but here, I will definitely try to express what I went thru the process and what helped me get my ass up every day. (P.S: I used to carry a LOT of unnecessary fat in my body. I decided to change back in 2017.)

Bishnu Corporation

My father started this company before I was born. He started from his rock bottom and now Bishnu Corporation owns 28 branches of restaurants all over Japan.